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Join our team!

Advancy hires new consultants all year round, at all levels of experience: from interns and university graduates to seasoned consultants.

  • Paris is hiring from the top Business and Engineers Schools

  • London is hiring from Russell Group universities and top international universities.

  • New York and Frankfurt are hiring from top international universities.


Our recruitment process

Numerical and logical tests

Candidates will be asked to take our online tests, interviews are then based on successful test results.

HR interview

This step allows Advancy to evaluate your personality (ambition, openness, drive, maturity, leadership), your communication skills (clear-headed, well-organised, convincing), your interest in teamwork (leadership potential, reliability, sensitivity) and your motivation to join Advancy.

From your point of view, this is an opportunity to get to know Advancy better and confirm the real motivation behind your application. So please feel free to ask questions!

Interviews with consultants

The previous evaluation factors (personality, communication skills, teamwork) are studied in more depth: each interview lasts about 60 minutes. Problem solving is tested specifically using a case study. This tests your ability to identify, analyse and bring structure to problems. We place particular importance on your logic, your skills in handling figures (orders of magnitude, calculation skills), the creativity of your ideas (outside-the-box thinking) and your pragmatism (practical solutions, ideas that are action-oriented). For you this is an opportunity to meet consultants and gather information about our areas of expertise and our culture.

Final interview - Partner

Your last interview will be a final case study with one of our Partners. The purpose of this interview will be to confirm the quality of your application in relation to our criteria, but also to convince you that it is with us that your potential will be best expressed.

Preparing for case studies

During your interviews with our consultants you will be asked to participate in case studies similar to real projects conducted by Advancy.

These case studies allow you to demonstrate your problem-solving skills by following a well-structured analytical approach.